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Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Presidents (Kaicho)
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Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai Presidents (Kaicho)

Dr, Usui gave birth to the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (association) in April 1922. After his death the presidency over the association went to his friend, J. Ushida.

Presently the association is headed by a Mr. Kondo.

The First President: Mikao Usui

Born August 15th, 1865 in Taniai, Gifu prefecture.
His childhood name was Gyohan.
Died March 9, 1926 of a cerebral hemorrhage.
Buried at Saihoji Temple, Tokyo.
Married to Sadako Usui with whom he had a son and a daughter.
Their son's name was Fuji, died July 10 1946, age 39.


The Second President, Juzaburo Ushida:

Born in Kyoto.
Meiji 38 August 5,Taisa, became a Navy Captain, Received Ko Yon(Award)
Meiji 38 August 5, Akitsu Shu Kancho( Became Captain of the ship "Akitsu- Shu")
Meiji 38 December 29, Gunreibu, Sennin Fukukan, Navy Office Directive Senior
Meiji 41 , February 20t Okishima" Kancho, became captain of the ship "Okishima" Meiji 41 April 7, Nisshin Kancho, became captain of the ship "Nisshin"
Meiji 41, November 20, Asahi Kancho, captain of the ship "Asahi"
Meiji 43, December 1 Gunreibu, Sennin Fukukan, Navy Conductive Office Senior Meiji 44, December 1, Shosho, became Rear Admiral
Meiji 44, December 1, bu(mai) tchin sanbocho, the chief of the General Staf
Taisho 1, December 1,Toku- Mei, On special mission
Taisho 2, May 31, Yobi, preliminary, reserve, spare


The Third President: Kanichi (or Iichi) Taketomi:

Born in Tokyo
Taisho 12, December 1, shosho, became Rear Admiral
Taisho 7, December 1, taisa, became captain
Taisho 7 December 1, ominato yokobu sanbotcho, the chief of the General Staff of Ominata (harbour name) Yokobu (main harbour)
Taisho 8, December 2, Kure Ko Kensakan, Inspector of Kure town
Taisho 12, January 20, Setsu Kancho, Captain of the ship "Setsu"
Taisho 12, October 1, Setsu Tokumu Kancho, Captain of the ship "Setsu" on special duty
Taisho 12, December 10, Tokumei, on special mission
Taisho 13, February 25, yobi


The Fourth President: Yoshiharu (Yoshiji) Watanabe, teacher


The Fifth President: Hoichi (Toyokazu) Wanami

Born in Mie prefecture
Showa 10, November 15, Chujyo, Vice Admiral
Showa 6, December 1. Shosho Rear Admiral Taisho 14, December 1,Taisa, Captain (Kai Dai 15- Award)
Taisho 13, December 1, Sensuiko, Kyoto- Ken Dai Ichi, Ichisen Shirei, School for Diving-Submarine School, Vice President and Command of the first Ichsen team.
Taisho 15, August 1, Kure Ko- Kenzo Sensui kann Gisso Incho, Town of Kure, submarine construction factory
Taisho 15, December 1, Sensui ko kyotou, Vice president of submarine School Showa 2, November 15, Jingei Kancho, Captain of the boat "Jingei"
Showa 3, December 10, Kan Honbuin, Navy boat, main Staff
Showa 6, December 1, Kan Sui Dai go, butcho, Fifth Chief Director,
Showa 7, November 15, Dai Ni, Sensen, Shireikan, Second Submarine Combat Commander
Showa 9 , November 15, Sensui Kocho, president of submarine school
Showa 10, November 15, Shushi
Showa 11, March 16, Tokumei, Special mission
Showa 11, March 30, Yobi


The Sixth president: Mrs. Kimiko Koyama
Died 1999


The Seventh President: Mr. Kondo
Took over the presidency in 1999


The information regarding Mr. Ushida, Mr.Taketomi and Mr.Wanami is taken from Ricku Kaigun Shokan Jinji Soran (Kaigun Hen), Editor: So or Misao Toyama or Sotoyama, Publisher: Fujou Shobo, published 1, Showa 56 Complete Army/Navy Officer Personell Listing(Navy Section)

We have not been able to receive any information about Dr. Chujiro Hayashi from the Japanese Navy.

The terms "Meiji","Taisho" and "Showa" refer to the periods ruled by the respective emperor.



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