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Reiki Dharma Newsletter Volume 7, June 29, 2002

Dear friends!
Welcome to the seventh Reiki Dharma Newsletter. I hope that summer finds every one of you in this moment, whatever it may offer to you. This moment, this breath and this heartbeat is all you have. Instead of striving after the eternal carrot dangling in front of your nose- call it liberation, enlightenment or freedom- pay attention to the NOW. Yes... you are here, always. There is not a single moment of your life in which you are not here!
This moment, however beautiful, can not be held. If you try to freeze- dry it, it shrivels up and becomes a plastic flower in the vase of your experience. Life is a succession of precious moments: one breath after another. Enjoy them one at a time

The Reiji- Ho Technique

Today I would like to talk to you about one of the main techniques Dr. Usui used in his work, the Reiji- Ho technique.
The Japanese word "Reiji" means "indication of the spirit." In our context it means "indication of the Reiki energy." The word "Ho" means "technique." At first sight, this technique seems quite simple and is easily misjudged for its simplicity. If you were to come across it in a book, you may never even practice it for the above reason.
Here are the instructions for those of you who are not familiar with the Reiji-Ho technique yet:

1- Raise your folded hands in front of your heart and connect to the Reiki energy in the way you are accustomed to doing it.

2- Pray for the healing and wellbeing of your client on all levels, whatever that may mean for the client.

3- Raise your folded hands in front of your third eye, and ask the Reiki energy to guide your hands to where they are most needed.

I would like to elaborate on each one of these three steps a little bit, because each one holds a key for unlocking the mysteries of heart and mind.
1-With folded hands the Universe manifests in your heart. All the energy circuits of your physical and etheric bodies are complete, everything is as it should be. Pay attention to that. You may want to rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth and let your mouth open slightly. Now connect to the Reiki energy. You may want to do a little ritual, draw the Reiki- symbols to connect yourself to the source, or you may do whatever you are accustomed to doing to connect. I personally feel no need to connect to the energy, because the fact is that you are always connected! The moment the connection is interrupted you die... We are unconscious most of the time, and Reiki is a wonderful tool to help us be aware of what is going on inside and outside of us. Become aware of being connected to the Reiki energy. Become aware of the fact that you are simply a hollow bamboo and the divine flows through you. It is not you that heals, you are the container. Feel the energy pulsate in your hands, your heart, your crown chakra, your whole being. You are pure energy...

2-Now pray for the healing and wellbeing of your client, whatever that may mean. Become this prayer with your whole being. In this step you learn to let go of your judgements, your desires and opinions. Leave it all up to life. You are not to decide whether your client is healed, whether he suffers, lives or dies. Step back and be a tool of the divine. Offer your services, the same way you offer a candle at church, or at the temple. Donヘt decide what is good or bad, simply allow reality to be as it is. If your client has cancer or a broken leg, donヘt hate the dis- ease: acknowledge it, love it, and treat it with respect. Here you can learn to be small and humble. See sickness and health as temporary phases of something larger, and donヘt hold on to either one. We donヘt know why someone gets ill, why one person lives and another dies. All we know is that life is precious: even in a moment of intense suffering, life is a blessing...

3-Lift your folded hands in front of your third eye, and ask the Reiki energy to guide your hands to wherever they are most needed. You donヘt decide, Reiki does. Now, in this moment, your whole body, your whole being is Reiki. Remain open and receptive for whatever flash of intuition may come to you in this moment. You may see the body part to be treated with your physical or your inner eye. You may see colors around the body part to be treated. You may hear your inner voice tell you what to do. Or you may feel a sensation in your own body. You may suddenly feel one of your teeth, your gallbladder or your left little toe! Pay attention to what is happening in your sensatory apparatus and then follow the information you have received. In this part of the Reiji- Ho technique you learn to trust the energy, and to trust your hands as agents of the energy.

Now proceed with the healing. Follow your hands and be as aware of any changes in the body as you touch it. Be aware of your own thoughts and emotions. Listen to your intuition. Most likely you will feel a sensation of either heat, cold, a magnetic pull or push, a tingle, pins or needles or the like. Stay in this position as long as the sensation remains, and when your hands feel "normal" again, move on to the next position. Let your hands guide you.

Chetna and I have been practicing this technique for five years and are both able to diagnose what is going on within the body/mind of a client within a few seconds. We may feel where the illness is, may actually look into the body like an open book, know where the psychological pain is buried, and where the heart aches. We practiced this technique for two years before we began to teach it. The best way to learn is from a capable teacher, but if none is available around you, please practice it by yourself, with your friends and family. Anyone of you can learn this, with a little bit of patience and I hope you will begin with it today, remember, just for today...

Thank you for allowing me to share with you what is important to me, with love and gratitude from Japan, your friend,
Frank Arjava Petter

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